Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finally I can post now!

Been meaning to all week but my iPhone was not co-operating with me. All is Zen now with me and my phone. 

Wanted to first share this found great idea online which is a fabulous idea. Go check it out. 

Here is what DH got me for V-day. He knows me so well - jelly beans are the key to my heart!
 I made this mini-book based on Tim Holtz's idea that he posted on his blog. I've made this book in the past but I love the idea of using the tissue tape to seal the edges. I made this one for DH for v-day and filled it with the 10 Things I loved about him.

 And in the spirit of V-day - I love all the colourful flowers in all the shops around (right next to the no name tuna!)

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