Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh my poor neglected blog......

I have had a very busy month and unfortunately many things have been neglected, including this blog.  I have been doing some creative things though this month and will share in the days to come.   Right now I am knee deep into the whole Halloween costume thing for my son. He wants to be Fire Nation Aang from Nickelodeon's Avatar.  I'll try and remember to post photos of my attempt in making said costume!

So in the meantime blog readers I'm going to give you some cool sites I love to visit.

A very cool tutorial over at this site.... Now to figure out where in the world I can put this in my room.

Another favourite place for me to visit is the Counterfeit Kit Challenge  is somewhere I like to visit to get inspired to use my stash up.

Washi tape is a big trend lately in scrapbooking and I'm a junkie for that stuff. There are a bunch of tutorials out there now for making your own. Who knew??? Here is one link to share for the fun Washi tape - so easy!