Thursday, March 14, 2013

Super Hero Life

Well the munchkin man finally turned 6 and we celebrated with a Superhero themed party. I had so much fun, and Pinterest was a big player in all the planning.  I also was lucky to have a friend who provided me with all the comic books in digital format - loved decorating with them (and dear husband thinks it should be a permanent fixture now).

I even got into the groove of things and put on my handmade Wonder Woman tiara and t-shirt. I think every mom woman out there should be donning this glittery head-piece!

So was wandering Michaels trying to find yarn and look what I found - this paper pad! Which of course had to come home with me and my luck it was 40% off this week. Wahoooooo!

Will try and get the layouts done to share with you. I'm so inspired by this paper now!

Also thought I would share some of my layouts from my Rapid Fire Class I teach at Pointer Scrapbooking.  These are my layouts for January and February. |If you are ever in the area and have an incline to finish 6 layouts in about 2 hours, come join me. Love adding techniques in each layouts, so hopefully you will learn something new.   March and April's layouts are in the store now, and have a vintage feel to them. Come into the store to see it is something you'd like to do.

Made a pocket with 6x6 patterned paper and lots of stamping ont his LO
Inky splats and stamping
Stamping, stencils, glitter techniques
Masking, paint, stamps and stencils
Alcohol inks and punches