Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Unclog your Sprays

I openly admit that I have a problem. I'm highly addicted to the spray mists that are out in the market (as can been seen with my "small" collection).

The thing is that these babies get clogged pretty easily. So after some colourful language that has left my mouth, I think I finally figured out what everyone was talking about when they said "just run it under water" to clear the nozzle! Here is a mini tutorial with photos to maybe help some of you that ran into the problems that I had. I will say that in the end, I unclogged all my sprays....Happy Dance!

Remove spray top and run warm water over nozzle hole to get rid of ink.  Pump until all ink has cleared the transfer tube.

Pull off top and run warm water through nozzle cap

Also run water through transfer tube from top area, pushing down the "exit tip".  Should clear out all the "gunk"

 Replace the nozzle cap and start pumping warm water through. If the first run does not work, repeat again. Usually by the second try, it is working fine for me.

Monday, September 17, 2012

ATT Swap

Crazy me, on top of all my other obligations, I decided to join the swap on the All Things Tim group - Christmas Pandemonium canvas.  I think this will be loads of fun and inspiration.  I was responsible for a 2x3 section and that was actually a challenge for me because I didn't have lots of room for what I originally envisioned.  But I did it and here it is!

I covered the grunge board with text paper, inking the edges with distress ink. I then stamped one of Tim Holtz's flourish stamps using archival ink in the corner. The tickets were cut out using Tim's die and stamped followed by a coating of distress Stickles and the "25" highlighted with regular Stickles. The pearls were originally pink and I coated them with white and silver alcohol ink (I think that was my favourite part) . Next the ribbon was  inked with spray inks and all attached to the paperclip.  I finished all 27 in time and into the mail it goes!  Looking forward to all the others coming back! Stayed tuned.