Sunday, January 2, 2011

My new toys

For Christmas Hubby got me a set of these lens for Christmas for my beloved iPhone. I love gadgets and this was right up my alley. This store has some awesome toys for the photo affectionado, and if I had the moolah, I would definitely be buying up some of these toys. Anyhow, in the package came a plastic toy dinosaur, how cute and perfect for trying out my lens! 
Here is Mr. Dino (no, I'm not as creative as my son with naming things) using the lens on my iPhone 3G
Here is with the fisheye lens

And here it is with the wideangle lens
And finally with the macro lens

My only criticism  so far is that for the fisheye and the wide angle, I get the bottom ring of the lens showing up. I'm going to play with centering the lens better and maybe that will be eliminated. Overall it has been fun to play with these. I use my iPhone as my second camera when I don't have my better one with me and love the thing a lot!

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  1. I didn't know thee were lenses for the iphone. Cool!