Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pinterest Inspired

Those who know me, know that I am addicted to the site Pinterest.  There is so much inspiration and tutorials for the crafters. Many recipes for the cook in me and so many handy tips.  Here are two things I recently did that I got off Pinterest.
This blanket is for my nephew, who's father is a huge football fan.  I had intended it for Christmas but as we all know that time of year just gets way too busy for everyone (in other words - what was I thinking!).  I now hope to give it to him for Easter. Anyhow I took the original pattern and increased it by about 15% using polar fleece instead of chenille.  There was no pattern for the white parts, so I winged it. I used satin stitch to attach the white stripes to the blanket and added a single crochet to the edges to "finish" the blanket.  I'm pretty happy with the end results.
One of my other addictions is washi tape and people have been pinning all sorts of great storage ideas. By far my favourite for my crazy stash has been the use of a pant hanger. Here is my crazy tape obsession. Top two tiers are washi and the others are either cellophane tape or fabric tape - which are just as yummy!  Now that I see them all layed out, I can play with them much easier 'cause I'm the kind of crafter that has to see it, to use it!

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