Thursday, August 9, 2012

Getting Inky with Anna Dabrowska

I was so happy to have participated in a Prima Marketing workshop with Anna Dabrowska ,who travelled all the way from Poland, to teach at the Art House Studio in K-W.  We spent several hours getting inky and it was tremendous fun.  Here are some photos from that fabulous day.

The cover I made, with all the mixed media goodness. So many fantastic layers and ink. Love it!

Nadya and I with our inky goodness. Check out Nadya's blog for her beautiful cover.

And my lovely hands afterwards. I took me 2 days with a craft scrubbie to get that stuff off!

This class was so mucih fun. It was interesting to see Anna's process and the ideas we got from just doing that cover alone, was well worth the class. I have 2 pages done for my book which I will post shortly.  I plan on using this album as a document of my mom's life but we'll see. It seems to be speaking to me in that way.

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