Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A quick post

I've been coveting this stand from  Pottery Barn for awhile. Other scrappers have been using it for storage of their scrappy supplies, which I think is fantastic. However, the $90 price tag here in Canada is another story.

So over at Pinterest, some fellow scrappers have been posting some DIY's. I was inspired and headed over to my Dollarama and picked up 3x Flan pans, 2 candle stick holders and used a bottle of Gorilla glue from Home Depot. Total cost $12.00 my friends!  I'm quite happy with my paint/ink holder which seems to be holding up okay so far to my enormous stash of inky goodness (ignore the craziness in the background please!)

And finally I can post the costume my son wanted for Halloween. He's Fire Nation Aang from Nickelodeon's Avatar. It's simple but stressed me out because I waited last minute to make it. I'm hoping next years I will either get a head start or just buying his costume!!!

(graphic from Spider Cookee at Deviant Art)

That's all for now and I will post some more of my craftiness shortly I hope!

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